Protect your family online
Take control of the internet

Protect your family

Block dangerous, adult or inappropriate content on the internet with parental controls.

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Protect yourself

Block Peer-to-peer (P2P), the leading method of access to illegal, pirated content on the internet.

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Reclaim family-time

Schedule internet access automatically to enforce bedtimes and encourage quality family-time.

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4-step setup guide


Quickstart Guide

Access Control. Block websites with filtering pofiles

Prevent your family from accessing dangerous material online using the Web Filter or Content Filter. Choose specific webistes to block, or choose from up to 55 catagories provided by OpenDNS.

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Works with all internet connected devices!

Schedule access.

Set internet schedules for certain devices. Enforce bedtimes by blocking internet on kids' devices.

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Plug-and-play setup Get started instantly

The NB-1 connects to your current router and provides its own wireless b/g/n connection. All you need to do is plug it in and turn off your router's wifi.

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Hardware based solution

Almost impossible to bypass, unlike many other software-based solutions.

Net-Blocker Pro. For professional enviroments

All the same features of the home edition for your office. Block webistes and increase productivity. Read more...

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